The Precursor Games Development Podcast: Episode 12

Discussion in 'Podcasts' started by Phil Haymes, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. The Precursor Games Development Podcast: Episode 12
    'Enter, Clinton' - featuring special guests Denis Dyack, Clinton Bowman, Clash of Penguin, Tobi and DUHHH

    This week we're joined by Denis Dyack and Clinton Bowman our new Designer. We talk about various aspects of design including the combat system in more depth, the community created aspects such as enemy design and then decide to rope in a few members of the community from the Shoutbox. Eric (Tobi) and Mike (Clash of Penguin) join the show and field Clinton some questions before we call Kim (DUHHH) into the show and get deep into discussion about Lovecraft.

    The Mailbag
    We've opened up the Precursor Games' Mailbag so if you have any comments, questions, short stories or suggestions we'll read them out on the show! Simply email us

    Also we'd like to include some of you on the show in the new section:

    'The Order in less than 333'
    What we're after is a short voice recording of you lasting no more than 3 minutes and 33 seconds. This can be on any SoTE or Precursor related topic and the only guidelines are that there is no swearing as the podcast doesn't have the explicit tag for iTunes. Simply email your clip to:

    Speaking of iTunes: remember you can subscribe here by clicking here
    It really helps get the word out if you subscribe, rate and review.

    Social Media Onslaught!
    We really appreciate the support we've seen from you so far - however if we're gonna fund this and get it past the stretch goal to get that PS4 version we're gonna need to take things to the next level.

    How can you help?

    Firstly, share our Facebook and Twitter updates with your friends. If each person can get just two of their friends to join the Order and pledge we'll be in a fantastic place. Even better if they then share out to their friends!

    Secondly, we need a Twitter onslaught! When tweeting make sure to include the #SoTE hashtag as well as a link to the KickStarter. Here's some example messages you could use:

    Come help design & fund the spiritual sequel to #EternalDarkness! @shadoweternals join the Order! #SoTE #Cthulhu

    Interested in Lovecraft or #Cthulhu? @ShadowEternals is something you'd love. Help us design and fund the game #SoTE

    Fan of #EternalDarkness? @ShadowEternals is working on a successor and needs your help! help create the game #SoTE

    Listen to the Show
    You can listen to the show by click here or right click to save
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  2. Lots of fun Phil - great job on this one once again!
  3. WOW I forgot to comment here! I was listening to the podcast and posting comments over at the kickstarter page.
    I like this one a lot and it was cool that someone mentioned the undead babies from my enemy creation.
    Listening to Kim was cool too. Now I have to look for some of those movies you guys mentioned so that I could watch them.

    Do we even have a movie recommendation forum?
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  4. I just got around to listening to this because my Podcasts still aren't push updating for some reason. But anyway thanks for the shout out and Denis Dyack I swear I'm not some obsessed creeper that wants to hug you I just thought the story about you getting hugged at Comic-con was hilarious. :D
    Good luck with the stream today guys!
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  5. Hi TheInfernalFangirl - there is no way I think that - I think you are awesome!
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  6. We should make one - Horror movie recommendation forum!
  7. Miskonius

    Miskonius New Member

    Aug 15, 2013
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    8:07 AM
    What was that cults name, that was mentioned during the stream?
  8. #8
  9. Miskonius

    Miskonius New Member

    Aug 15, 2013
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    8:07 AM

    Well I guess I heard that one right... :D
  10. Well slap the word Fangirl in your username and then people don't know if you're dealing with a garden variety otaku or whatserface from Misery.
    I'm mostly harmless. In spite of liking Takashi Miike. :D

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