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Discussion in 'Announcement Archive' started by Denis Dyack, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. Well that sounds like a great idea. I'm glad your considering. Letting people play a remake or HD version of Eternal Darkness will help get people to want SOTE. Specially if ED would happen to be on Steam too. I'd buy like 10 copies.
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  2. I cannot imagine anyone else wanting Eternal Darkness to be re-released in some form more so than the team, as that would boost visibility of the brand and this IP, as a spiritual successor. As it was, a difficult task to try an educate the current consumer base about a game that few can readily play. Of course, it is still primarily Nintendo's IP and therefore they have final say when it comes to what they want done with it, though they'll have to do something with it in three years.

    Of course there are many Gamecube games I wish Nintendo would get on the ball and put up on the Wii U VC (or heck, 3DS e-shop since I'm sure most GC games would easily run on 3DS hardware, though converting/emulating them would probably take some manpower and funds to do).
  3. I know Nintendo are under pressure to use the Eternal Darkness name otherwise they lose it within the next X months, years or whatever (read different timezones at other places). That might be something worth conspiring about :) Everyone can have dreams, right?
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  4. Everyone at E3 should be shouting: 'we want shadow of the eternals' to put Nintendo under more pressure. :nurse:
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  5. I will tell this to Iwata He has to understand
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  6. No Kittens..

    Daily chores while waiting for PG to release THE GAME :woot:

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  7. @XenoManso otherwise transmitting shadow voices to every communication device in nintendo hq may do the trick, not possible to turn the sound or devices off.. :arg:;)
  8. snowontheweb

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    If any of the leads are still around, please contact me. Let me know how much you need for Shadow of the Eternal so we can make it happen. TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY.
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  9. hope your the real deal...would be nice
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  10. Lovecraft himself only found success with the celebration he received from his contemporaries: intelligent and creative people who helped spread the word. Welcome to the team.
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