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Discussion in 'Announcement Archive' started by Denis Dyack, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. This actually brings something interesting to mind. I don't think I've ever seen a video game maker pitch an idea on Shark Tank before. Not suggesting that PG try it, but it could be interesting.
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  2. Maybe we could have a solitaire game of PG or SotE or Sharknado :)
  3. Maybe we should make a game-publisher version of the show, Bobby Kotick, John Riccatello, and Cliff Beskinski all grilling devs over their ideas. We pitch it as Precursor Productions, sell it on PSN ans XBOX ONE cable-something, and live like kings! Oh... wait... MAKE THE GAME!


    KICK TANK! Honestly it couldn't be more arbitrary than Kickstarter itself...
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  4. Well, if we want to discuss super hypothetical alternate projects. Here's one:

    Why not a spiritual successor to "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain?" exactly like the original with top-down isometric gameplay and content. In addition to that being a more "simpler" game than SotE (at least content-creation-wise...possibly), there's quite the fanbase for that, and it is a fanbase, like the Mega Man fans (who went in droves to Mighty 9), that are quite disgruntled at Square-Enix's handling of the Kain IP with "Nosgoth" (in addition to the reports that they cancelled an actual single-player game that was near-finished).

    Heck it is quite doubtful, given Soul Reaver writer Amy Hennig now at Naughty Dog, that the IP will likely ever revive in single-player to the quality it used to be (while Amy took the series in a different direction that Denis would have, it was still something she clearly took great care in doing and made an amazing tale out of the lore with Raziel).

    Again, since we're putting out super hypotheticals here.
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  5. nice idea...yeah im a mega man fan myself...backed it 3.3 mill with 24 hours to go...insane....yeah blood omen was a great game.
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  6. reaper

    May 6, 2013
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    6:21 AM
    Is Sharknado going to be moddable, I would mind throwing in some sharks with freaking laser beams on top of their heads.
    Also why not throw in some daggers, assassin sharks, ground assault tanks with sharks in them, or sharkicane , that could be a sequel.
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  7. We really need to find out what will happen to PG
  8. Namkrow

    Jul 31, 2013
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    12:21 PM
    Well, the future certainly is a mystery. No telling what'll happen, but like I told Tobi the other night, I don't believe now that Shadow of the Eternals was going to be the game Precursor built it's reputation on, but rather the one they became best known for. Square-Enix has Final Fantasy for good or ill, Capcom has Street Fighter, Atlus has Shin Megami Tensei, Nintendo has Mario, Precursor will have Shadow of the Eternals. I honestly believed during the campaign that we could get the funding and all would be well, but that failed and this happened. I've come to realize that should Shadow of the Eternals come to be, it'll be at some point down the road, after they've made other games and had money coming in from them.
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  9. hey guys, time will tell.... but until then lets have some fun on these forums, lets liven them up a bit again!

    post some new threads and breathe some life back into the old beast!

    EDIT: personally i would really like a games section to be added somewhere but i guess we'll have to make due with off topic for now
  10. I'm so heartbroken over this. I've been absent from the forums for a while because worked ramped up and I literally haven't had time to breathe much less hang out on the forums. I've had the most stressful, difficult three weeks just now, and was hoping to come back to some good news. But nonetheless, I'm so thankful that we had a shot at this at all. I've made so many good friends, had so many good laughs, and saw so many cool ideas here. Many of you are like family to me now, and I actually got to speak to my gaming heroes. I will still peek in from time to time and I hope that if this ever gets another chance, I can continue to cause mischief and mayhem on its behalf! A million thanks to the Precursor team, Clash, Luigi, MegaMan20XXXXXX, Tobi, NLoyalist, Bloodraven, Hotty Blanket, The Amazing TIF, and everyone else for making this an experience I will never forget! And if any of you should ever find yourselves in the great state of Texas, I'll always have a room and a tall glass of Iced Tea (or a cold beer) ready for you! And if I ever meet anyone affiliated with Kotaku or any other detractors, imma go Eva Unit 01 on your asses! Long Live the Order!
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  11. Although I suppose ideally, if PG ever were to consider "alternate projects", they would be related to the SotE universe so as to build up the IP name and recognition. After all, we've got a lot of universe and lore down from SotE (Eternals, Magick, Sigils, etc.) that IMO is broad and vast enough to encompass a wide variety of potential game ideas, not to mention all that has been and can still be gained from community involvement.
  12. And smaller projects too
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  13. NOOOOOOOOO! :arg:
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  14. I don't know how I didn't realize you're in Texas. Probably the same way I didn't realize my favorite fish restaurant in the world is in St. Catharine's. I swear I was reading something about SK and saw the name and immediately went "Why does that make me crave lobster?" :facepalm:
    Anyway, if I ever get dragged back to Texas for family obligations or conferences I'll give you a holler and we can go raise some hell. Thank YOU @SaMuS for all the amazing artwork and the good times (and thanks also to @MonicaGSB for jumping in here and joining the madness and letting us borrow you).

    Also if any of you Order folks are ever in sunny New Mexico come say hi to me. I'll take you on the unofficial Breaking Bad tour. :p
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  15. I'm hanging out in south jersey!
  16. We've been asking Denis Dyack for a vampire game for some time now. When I say we, I meant the guys over at there anymore I think)
    A spin off in that same universe or something related to goddamn blood suckers is where it's at!
    Going back to where it all started for them.
    If you guys are reading this, get back up as soon as possible, DD don't let this be a repeat of, people are not going to stick around forever if there is nothing to look forward to.

    I say, start with small projects 200,000 to 400, 000 and see what we can achieve with that amount or more.
    Getting smaller games out the door is not a bad idea.
    Start asking us what we think of your ideas and the teams ideas. DD I know you have a few great game ideas under your belt! don't wait or it'll be too late.

    I'm also in TX, Austin to be precise.:)
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  17. Zoe DidiKitty

    Jun 3, 2013
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    5:21 PM
    If anyone lives in uk especially the South im sure @Spottyblanket and I would meet up with you for a beer or other beverage and a chat
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  18. If anyone come to Portugal (Lisbon) fell free to come to my house to drink a nice coupe of red wine :)
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  19. I really love how this project has stretched across the globe, its fucking neat!
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  20. keep them active, I enjoy the podcasts :) and it will keep the order going :)
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