Order 333 - 09 - Animal Crackers

Discussion in 'Podcasts' started by ClashOfPenguin, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. It's Sunday! That means a new episode of Order 333 is live on the subscription feeds - RIGHT NOW! This episode features myself (Mike),kagatoASUKA89 (Brandon), wassup2022 (Tom), Tobi (Eric), TheInfernalFangirl (Leslie) and DUHH (Kim)

    Order 333 CONTEST!!!!!!!!

    The contest has wrapped up and the winners have been notified! I wasn't able to read the names on the podcast this week, but we will cover it again next week on the air. Thanks TheInfernalFangirl , Zack and Christopher Maier ! Also a billion thanks to SaMuS for being incredibly awesome all of the time!

    Order 333 - 09 - Animal Crackers

    Welcome to Order 333 episode number nine! There have been a lot of exciting developments in the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter over the last week! This week Mike, Brandon and Tom along with guests Eric, Kim and Leslie talk about the new environmental art, T-Shirts and add-ons, and more. Kim spends some time discussing with us about the group of artists that he has assembled to help people with creative ideas develop some visual representations to go along with them. We continue forward on our Eternal Darkness play through with Roberto Bianchi. Finally we wrap up on now playing covering: Earthbound, The Mist, Pikmin 3, Lone Survivor, To The Moon and more!

    0:00:00 - Introductions
    0:01:35 - Shadow of the Eternals News - Kickstarter Updates: T-Shirts / Add-ons / Environments
    0:25:45 - Community Highlights - Community Artists / Community Outreach
    0:51:15 - Now Playing - Lone Survivor / Earthbound / To The Moon / The Mist / Pikmin 3 / More!
    1:45:30 - Eternal Darkness Community Play Through - Roberto Bianchi
    2:03:05 - News - Eternal Darkness Patent Refresh
    2:06:05 - Closing Segment
    2:10:50 - ???


    This definitely is a project of love for this community and we would love to have you help us with the podcast! Give us feedback, leave us a rating on iTunes, give us suggestions for segments, send us questions (and recipes) and as always if you want to join us on the podcast we would love to have you!

    Thanks to NLoyalist and his network of talent for providing us with our amazing new theme song!

    Thanks to SaMuS for making us a great new logo for the podcast! He is definitely worthy of his Master Artisan banner!

    Also rating us on iTunes is awesome and it isn't just to fill our egos! The more ratings we receive on iTunes the more people that iTunes will suggest the podcast to. When more people listen to the podcast then that means that there are more people that will learn about Shadow of the Eternals and the awesome community that we have! If you take the time to write us a review on iTunes that would be really cool and we would be incredibly thankful! We want to do a segment where we read some of the reviews and thank people for taking the time to do so!

    Thank you to everyone in the community who takes the time to listen to us and provide feedback! We love this community! We can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    Check Us Out on iTunes

    Download or Listen Here
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  2. cool podcast....de-rail the podcast???...lol....nobody can de-rail it like i can...lol
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  3. Great discussions this week, everyone! It's great to hear more community members taking advantage of this outlet to express their opinions on the gamut of weekly topics. Very insight stuff! Happy to be mentioned alongside ClashOfPeguin and CORE.Axiom. :D

    I spent the majority of the last two weekends playing Pikmin 3. All the praise Tom gave it is justified. It's not the type of game I expect to be visually impressed by, but this is going to stand the test of time. The game can go toe-to-toe with the best of Sony and Microsoft's first round of offerings later this year. When it comes to the Rock Pikmin lighting on fire conversation, just think of the Red Pikmin as fully flame-retardant and cultivated for extreme heat. The other Pikmin cannot take the heat. It's like the leaf/bud/flower catching fire is only a problem if the non-Red Pikmin's body temperature rises to a certain point. The mechanic makes sense in-game.

    As usual, the ending had me laughing--especially because of Tom's closing remarks. :playful: Classic!
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  4. Thanks NLoyalist!

    I still haven't played Pikmin 3 yet - I definitely need to! As for the Rock Pikmin / Red Pikmin I completely understand it from a gameplay point of view - it's the common sense point of view that gets me! It's just comical to think about to me! ROCKS DON'T LIGHT ON FIRE! I've also heard that the Wii Remote / Nunchuck is the way to play - I loved that setup with the Wii ports - so that definitely has me excited about it too!

    Also that Tom, HAHA! He had me laughing hysterically at the end there too! I don't think he could have dropped the mic any better!
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  5. Finally got around to listening and it was another great episode. :) It was lots of fun to be on...hopefully I'll be more lively next time.
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  6. I didn't get a message saying this was up :/
  7. It's in the mail!
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  8. lol., that laugh creeped out my girlfriend lol
  9. Speaking of it's in the mail, All the prizes have been sent to the participants of the first puzzle! I seriously can't wait for you guys to get them. When you receive your fabulous prize(s), please feel free to post comments, pictures, or rave reviews about them all over the forums, so that way we'll have more participants in the next contest. And maybe we'll have more than THREE winners!:p But seriously, Great job to the winners and thanks to all who helped make it all happen! If you have an idea for a great puzzle, contest, or prize, feel free to let one of us know and we can have some more fun!
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  10. So solid guys - don't know how you do it but they keep getting better! :) Also great to see @TheInfernalFangirl DUHH join the 333 gang!
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  11. Everyone prepare to feel totes jelly, in..






    While I was watching the Twitch stream earlier today, the mailman knocked on my door to deliver this sweet set of Shadow of the Eternals decals! (excellent timing, I must say) They are indeed ridiculously cool and high quality! Muchas gracias, SaMuS!
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  12. Sweet. Glad you like them! I think Mike's the only one who hasn't received his. Or maybe I forgot to send his.....hmmmm.
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  13. i think mines waiting for me at hoooome! that is one awesome spread!

  14. Nice!
  15. I got mine earlier this morning and showed it to Denis after the stream :) they are so awesome!
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  16. So here's pics of mine. Which are much like everybody's but I just love my sigil decals.

    Also I was super happy to see that SaMuS so thoughtfully included...

    Weiner dog swag! Seriously you have no idea how hard it is to find decorations appropriately long enough for a fashion conscious dachshund mix. ;)
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  17. He's cute lol
  18. That's her "geez mom, not the laptop again" face. She's been sorely neglected the past few weeks so today no chatrolls, no article comments, no podcasts. Just me and her and the dog park. :D
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