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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by drake mertens, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. drake mertens

    drake mertens New Member

    Jun 28, 2013
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    12:33 AM
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  2. ochogrande

    ochogrande New Member

    May 17, 2013
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    4:33 AM
    Hey all. Long time no see. While lurking today I've noticed an eerie silence from Precursor employees regarding this post. And also noticed that Ken has been removed from the list of Precursor team members here: http://www.precursorgames.com/team/

    So... is that a confirmation of this story?
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  3. Paul Caporicci

    Dec 13, 2012
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    12:33 AM
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  4. wow that's a shame....pretty screwed up thing to hear but this is about a game....make this game man... please paul...tired of peoples lives getting mixed up with what this is all about...playing a cool game

    I just hope nothing else happens in the meanwhile or it will be over

    as a father...ill tell you right now.... the dude would be dead in a heartbeat by me... if it were my kids.... but I haven't a clue how serious it really is so ill leave it like that.
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  5. This is truly disappointing. Is there any way this game can escape drama? Onwards and upwards...
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  6. huh.....what....omg....my sanity meter is spinning.

    Oh yeah. Welcome to the forums
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  7. This is a real shame for all involved. Each time you feel the PR and the project have hit bottom, something else happens. This is something so horrible I don't even know what to say... I guess as a company you just move on. A team member is lost, the project continues.

    At this point, with me, Resolute doesn't even begin to describe it.
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  8. Jigu

    May 13, 2013
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    1:33 AM
    Oh, man. This is terrible news. Let us hope that justice is served in fairness, whatever the outcome is (as this is a very serious issue, whether Ken is guilty or not, let's see justice work).

    I second Imbarkus' comment: "a team member is lost, the project continues".
  9. I still cannot even form a real coherent thought to describe things. I had to blink several times when I of course saw the news at NGAF first and thought the thread title was a troll or joke. And it wasn't. :(
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  10. Ok, I've formed some thoughts, and here they are, if you so wish to read them:

    Let's deal with the ugliness first. Ken has been charged with a crime and that criminal process will now play out. Precursor has immediately terminated him from the project due to the serious nature of these allegations (which pretty much is a standard for how people accused of these crimes are dealt with). From now moving forward Precursor has no more ties to Ken.

    So what's the next move? Give up? That sure sounds easy doesn't it? Heck, people would probably be even more understanding now than ever if they chose that route and no one would ever think the worse of them for it, considering how they've had to endure setback after setback after insane setback, most would probably consider it the smart move, certainly the more stress-free one.

    In spite of it all, and maybe I'm just deranged but, hell no! :mad:

    Precursor is now more than just Ken, or Denis, or even Paul. It is now the community. No, I'm not speaking for every single individual here, as I know full well that this news would easily be enough to turn even stalwart supporters faces grim, though perhaps the most stalwart would be affected since we've become so ingrained and attuned to the future of this project. But the community is a part of this team, as they have intended, so we also feel it when something so terrible as this happens.

    So why move forward? Well, for starters because of how much they've clearly already invested in the process to begin with. If they truly weren't devoted to this project they'd have shut down immediately after the cancellation of the first campaign. Paul and Shawn started this company before they hired on Denis and Ken and they no doubt want to make the games that they've dreamed of making. This is clearly unprecedented territory though, but I feel that only by moving forward can you really bring satisfactory closure to this whole incident. Otherwise, if Ken truly is a bad guy, you've let him drag down even more lives.

    Don't get me wrong. I like many others interacted with Ken on this forum and shared his insights and ideas around and I and others were always thoroughly impressed with his imagination and ideas. So now, how do you reconcile that with what he's now accused of? Those are questions I fear I have no easy answer to, which is even made more complex because he's only been accused and not convicted yet.

    Suffice it to say, at least as one single individual of this sprawling community, that I'll support Precursor no matter what their ultimate decision will be. I personally of course feel that Denis can easily pick up whatever slack in the writing department there is now knowing how he thinks and his own ideas. Obviously many out there will strongly disagree with that. The only suggestion I can offer to try and remedy that is to either bring in a new writer, or to demonstrate that the writing will be of top quality without Ken. I hope there is a means to do this.

    Ok, too much writing. Well, I'll still be here that's for sure. This community is still an amazing beacon of creativity and imagination just from the fellow members who have contributed such amazing things such as the artists and writers who have come up with such talented submissions.

    I won't quit you that easily! :rage:
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  11. Relevant?

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  12. I think kicking paul out of the equation is alittle out there...lol...but yeah....I agree...best community ever...precursor is still alive and has a lot of key players still in place...never count them out...this game will be too incredible to lose
  13. I never promised completely coherent, let alone ingenious thoughts now did I? :wacky:
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  14. LePhenom

    May 8, 2013
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    12:33 AM
    Hentai can also be considered child porn because the laws are retarded and don't keep up with the times. It's possible it could be only that. We don't know details. Don't judge the guy too fast.
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  15. True he hasn't been convicted, but due to the severity of the charges Precursor had every right to terminate him. Sadly unless this turns out to be some kind of weird circumstance such as IP hacking or such, Ken is gone, even if it does turn out to be Japanese porn, I don't think he could return from even that.
  16. Well I feel a bit self-conscious as I've posted from a PR angle and of course we've weighed in that we'd still like the team to continue, but to them, to Precursor, they have just gone through the experience of having a very close friend essentially fall prey to something. Life-destroying accusations without merit. Or his own darkness, long secret. The truth is rarely made entirely clear, I guess we shall see.

    In the meantime, I just want to express concern, support, condolences, to the rest of the team there. This just plain sucks.
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  17. You're right, but some nations actually consider anime/manga porn of underaged fictional characters (this is usually called "lolicon" or "shotacon" rather than "hentai" however) to be legally no different to actual child pornography (i.e. photographic).

    For the record, I disagree with lolicon/shotacon being illegal. I find it unpleasant and distasteful, but the idea that this stuff creates pedophilia is just as ridiculous as the idea that violent video games are responsible for mass shootings.

    Actual child pornography, i.e. photographic materials, are not illegal because they "create" pedophilia (or at least they should not be banned on this rationale). Rather, they are illegal because children cannot render informed consent, ergo kiddie-porn is by definition non-consensual. And that only refers to simple nude pictures of kids... anything beyond this is a photographic record of a sexual violation (again, by definition, since children cannot render informed consent).

    As for what we know re. Ken McCulloch,

    1) He has been charged and police have siezed computer equipment as evidence. He has not been proven guilty in a court of law. Like all people charged with a crime, he deserves a fair trial based on the presumption of innocence with the prosecution having to substantiate guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.

    2) If he is found guilty of possessing materials which are actual child pornography, well, yeah, he has indeed committed an act which is and is justly considered criminal.

    3) If he is found guilty of possessing lolicon/shotacon/etc. then whilst I would regard his kink as unpleasant, I would not consider him to have committed an act which I would consider should-be-criminal. I would hope Canadian legislators would immediately pass laws which specified that fictional illustrated material is not, in fact, child pornography.

    4) If he is found innocent, it is unfortunate that he'll probably have a huge stigma on his head. Sex crime charges, even if proven false in a court of law, can "stick" in the court of public opinion and public relations (particularly if it is a man that is charged).

    5) In all cases, I can understand Precursor's actions. Like I said in Point 4, the mere accusation of this kind of conduct is a PR nightmare even if the charges are proven false. Precursor already has to deal with huge PR and image issues... from controversies over Denis Dyack (not taking sides here, simply pointing out the facts), to trying to crowd-fund a game (a kind of funding which is very dependent on popular goodwill!), and now sex crime charges against someone that was a prominent team member... I know this isn't the place to make jokes but its almost like the Ancients are trying to stop this game from getting made! (Yeah, I know, bad joke, Too Soon, I'm an horrible person etc.).

    Let us hope that this isn't a critical blow to SotE. And let us hope that justice is done.
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  18. eghead

    May 14, 2013
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    9:33 PM
    Man what a surprise. This is a pretty big blow. It's like Precursor can't catch a break! Just when the other nasty allegations were just starting to blow over, and forces were being regrouped.

    Even as someone who would practically kill for this game, I think we do need to see some kind of game plan unfold. I'm not going to lie, the Lovecraftian feel, references, homages, and lore are a major, MAJOR part of the appeal, especially since Eternal Darkness is probably the only game I've played that I think pulled it off correctly. If Ken was behind the majority of that, it strikes a considerable amount of fear into me.
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  19. Wait - what? 0_o I thought this was a troll joke. Well I do not want to dwell on it, he has only been charged not proven guilty yet. So we will just let the police do their job and carry on, I don't want to poke into the personal business of the team who are probably trying to deal with it in their own way.

    Oh and yeah, welcome to the forum :confused: And thanks for just posting it as a small link and not splashing it all around the forum.
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  20. BloodyFlamingo

    BloodyFlamingo New Member

    Jun 29, 2013
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    11:33 PM
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