The Singularity

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What is The Singularity?

The Singularity an open forum where avid fans of any form of entertainment can subscribe to help create and iterate Television, Games and Films with the executives and creatives behind the projects. With the rise of social media’s impact on all entertainment mediums, fans can take things one step further and help shape the future of the content by contributing to a script, playing an extra on set, or assisting with the design of a game through QE2’s exclusive virtual hub.

How do I join The Singularity?

The Singularity can be joined by participating in the forums and leveling up. This premium option is free to active forum members.

Add more here.

How do I get the Community Champion Ribbon?

This ribbon is given out to those people who reach out to other communities and bringing members to Order. These are given out on a case by case basis.

What are Accolades?

Accolades are awarded when other members respond positively to your posts through the "post response" system in the forums as shown below:

Higher levels of Accolades are given for the more positive responses that you receive from other members of the Singularity. All of the different Accolades can be found here and are listed below:​
  • First Positive Response : Accolade of the Singularity
  • 25 Positive Responses: Merit Accolade of the Singularity
  • 100 Positive Responses: Scholar Accolade of the Singularity
  • 500 Positive Responses: Esteemed Accolade of the Singularity
  • 1000 Positive Responses: Immanus Accolade of the Singularity
  • 2000 Positive Responses: Colossaeus Accolade of the Singularity
  • 5000 Positive Responses: Aeviternus Accolade of the Singularity

What are Accreditations in the Order of the Unseen?

Posting in the forums is considered a contribution to the cause in the Singularity. By posting you will get rewards called Accreditation that will move you up in the ranks of the Singularity. The more accumulated points you receive, the higher the rank you will gain in the Singularity. All of the rewards are listed here and the accreditation are below:
  • First post: Accreditation of the Singularity
  • 25 posts: Merit Accreditation of the Singularity
  • 100 posts: Scholar Accreditation of the Singularity
  • 500 posts: Esteemed Accreditation of the Singularity
  • 1000 posts: Immanus Accreditation of the Singularity
  • 2000 posts: Colossaeus Accreditation of the Singularity
  • 5000 posts: Aeviternus Accreditation of the Singularity

What are exclusive features that I receive when I join The Singularity?

Upon registering, you will be granted access to our Official Development Forums, and a place within the Singularity where you can begin sharing your ideas about all aspects of Shadow of the Eternals and our other titles, helping create an experience that you want to enjoy. Your participation in the forums will allow you to be rewarded with the following:
  1. Participation Rewards
  2. Direct Interaction with the Team via Forums, Skype, Contests, and other events!
  3. Exclusive Access to Ordinem Forums
    • Enemy Creation
    • Elder God Creation
    • Story Contribution
    • Ephemeral Codex Contribution
  4. Exclusive Styles
  5. Blogs
  6. Enhanced Conversation Tools
  7. User Albums
  8. User Profile Covers
Many more perks coming in subsequent Quantum Entanglement Stages!

What is Quantum Entanglement Entertainment, Inc?

Quantum Entanglement Entertainment (“Que-ee”) is a unique entertainment company that creates Television, Games, and Film all under one umbrella. Que-ee was established on the belief that all three media are converging and that their independent status is a thing of the past. Each of Que-ee’s co-founders are experts in their fields and specialize in Television, Game and Film Production.

You can look at the background of the founders here on our founders link on the main site.

What is Superposition?

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics that holds that a physical system—such as an electron—exists partly in all its particular theoretically possible states (or, configuration of its properties) simultaneously; but when measured or observed, it gives a result corresponding to only one of the possible configurations (as described in interpretation of quantum mechanics).

Mathematically, it refers to a property of solutions to the Schrödinger equation; since the Schrödinger equation is linear, any linear combination of solutions to a particular equation will also be a solution of it. Such solutions are often made to be orthogonal (i.e. the vectors are at right-angles to each other), such as the energy levels of an electron. In other words, the overlap of the states is nullified, and the expectation value of an operator is the expectation value of the operator in the individual states, multiplied by the fraction of the superposition state that is "in" that state (see also eigenstates).

What is the difference between an accreditation and an accolade?

An accreditation is a category of award given by members posting. An accolade is a category of award given by receiving positive ratings by other members. Both are necessary to get to highest ranks of The Singularity.

What rewards can I get by participating in the community?

By participating in the community, you directly influence the development of Games, Film and TV with QE2. Imagine : be on set, meet the cast and crew, contribute to the content. The details of this will be rolled out in the near future.

How many Trophy points are needed for each rank in The Singularity?

Below is the list the points needed to achieve ranks in the Order of the Unseen:
  • Novice: 1 point
  • Acolyte: 4 points
  • Adept: 12 points
  • Accredited: 44 points
  • Revered: 133 points
  • Inner Circle: 232 points
  • Magnate: 609 points
  • Aeviternus: 946 points
The amount of points given for Accreditations and Accolades are here.
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