Shadow of the Eternals

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Will there be television and film adaptations of Shadow of the Eternals?

Yes, film, television and games mediums are all developed in parallel at Quantum.

Where can I contribute to Shadow of the Eternals?

You must be a promoted into the rank of Singularity in order to contribute to the content of Shadow of the Eternals (SotE). Once this is done there are several areas where you can do this:
  1. Ordo Invsorum: This is private section where much of the Ordo communicate with the development team.
    1. General Discussion: The general discussion area is the catch all area where members of the Ordo can discuss anything about SotE. This is a catch all area that covers anything members may want discuss.
    2. Elder God Creation Initiative and Entanglement: This is the area to help shape the Elder Gods in the Universe of SotE. Have an idea for an ancient power beyond memory - suggest it here and work with us to get it the mythos.
    3. Enemy Creation Initiative and Entanglement: This is the area to suggest enemies for the game. Try to stay away from zombies - they are so overdone these days ;)
    4. Story Creation Initiative and Entanglement: This is the area to talk about general story structure, plot structure, characters, or anything related to story. We have a very firm grasp of where we want to take SotE but we have left areas to be filled out by the Ordo. The universe of SotE is vast and there is a great deal of room for story suggestions.
    5. Sanity Events Creation Initiative and Entanglement: Have an idea for sanity in SotE. Suggest it here.
    6. Vault: Past suggestions from the community before the formation of the Ordo. If you created an idea here during the campaigns move it back into play to one of the forums here.
  2. The Ephemeral Codex (In Blog Section): This is an "in character" or "role playing" story vehicle for people to add to the universe of SotE. Interact with Whately###'s as long as they live. Tell your stories of the supernatural and the occult here.

What platforms will Shadow of the Eternals be released on?

Details to be announced in the future.

What is the status of Shadow of the Eternals?

Shadow of the Eternals (SoTE) is in development.

Is all of the previous material created lost?


There was a tremendous amount of community contribution in the past. Overwhelming in fact - to go through everything is quite daunting and it is not clear which community members are still interested in the project so we have created a vault to deal with previous Order contributions. Everything is preserved for members who wish to come back but sealed in the vault until they join The Singularity.
  1. All prior contributions have been moved to the vault for preservation
  2. Singularity Members can move their contributions back into play for future game consideration by:
    1. Editing the title of their created preciously content
    2. Selecting Request to Move to Singularity Prefix
    3. @Moderating will move it from there with a permanent re-direct
  3. Access to these is exclusively locked to Singularity members only and can be put back into circulation by their exclusive request.

What about the Elder Gods and Enemy Creation? Are they still finished?

Good question! We've decided that it would be best for the foreseeable future to re-open these areas of the Order allowing you to create new Gods, Lore, Enemies and to refine and work on the designs you had before. More time to refine, create and expand on the selection we have will not only be a good thing for the community but also really help to improve the game itself.

So go forth and create!

What does quantum physics have to do with Shadow of the Eternals?

Quite a bit, but more would be a spoiler. Ask @Whateley334, maybe he will answer if he can live long enough :eek:

With the formation of Quantum Entanglement Entertainment that should be more apparent well. :)
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